Download and Watch Amazon Instant Videos(wmv) on Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook

If you are like me and have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook and want to watch Amazon Instant video (WMV) on Galaxy Tab 4 Nook anywhere anytime and not just at your computer, than your in luck!  I figured out why Galaxy Tab 4 Nook doesn’t support Amazon instant video files and how to watch Amazon instant video on Galaxy Tab 4 Nook for freely. The following are my two kinds of testing methods, and now share with you. If you have more, please contact me, or direct comment, thx.

Watch Amazon Instant Videos on Galaxy Tab 4 Nook

As most folks know (at least if you’re an Amazon Prime member) The Amazon Instant Video App does not work with most Android Tablets like Galaxy Tab 4 Nook, Galaxy Tab Pro, Gslsxy Note Pro, Nexus 6, Nexus 9, Asus Transformer Book T100, Acer, Sony Xperia Z3, etc. (except, of course, the Kindle Fire).

Here are the simple instructions to get Amazon Instant Video working….

Method 1. Instant Amazon Shopping and Amazon Instant Video on Galaxy Tab 4 Nook

All you have to do is download the two Apps below and install them. No other alterations are necessary and no Flash conflicts appeared. Neither of these Apps are available from the Google Play Store.

1. If you have already installed the Amazon Shopping app (the one without “Amazon Instant Video” on the menu), first uninstall it. The version below has a menu that links to the the Amazon video add-on.

2. Download these two apps from “The Digital Reader” site, and install them…

3. Open the Shopping app, log into your Amazon account, and then click on the menu icon in the upper left corner. Then select “Amazon Instant Video”. That’s all there is to it.

Method 2. Remove DRM from Amazon Instant Video and Convert to Galaxy Tab 4 Nook compatible formats

We all know that Amazon Instant videos are protected with DRM encryption, which stops customers copying Amazon videos to unauthorized devices for playing back. Even though Amazon has finally brought its prime Instant Video service to Android after allowing it for many years only on its own Kindle Fire devices and on iOS, only Prime customers from the US, UK and Germany will be able to use the new service, since those are the only places where Amazon is providing the Instant Video streaming service right now, If you have a bundle of Amazon WMV videos but are unable to use the Instant Video streaming service currently, What’s the best method to transfer Amazon WMV video to Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook for viewing?

The safest bet is to remove DRM from Amazon WMV files and convert them to DRM free mp4 video file. And to get the work done, the key point is to select a useful DRM Media Converter. Here Aimersoft DRM Media Converter is highly recommended to you, with it you can free your protected Amazon Instant video legally, and let them be played smoothly on the portable electronic equipment like Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook, Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, iPad Air 2, iPhone 6 plus, Surface Pro 2/3, Android Tablet/phone or even some game consoles such as Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS Vita, PS4/3 as well as Plex, Roku, WD TV, Apple TV, etc. I believe the way can make many Amazon Instant Video users in a good mood on videos/movies enjoyment on the road.

How do you do it? Here is a step.

Part 1. How to download Amazon Instant video to Windows/Mac computer:

All of the videos you buy from Amazon Instant Video are stored in Your Video Library. To download a video from Your Video Library on

  1. Visit Your Video Library.
  2. Sign into your account if prompted.
  3. Click the video you want to watch.
  4. Choose Download to see a list of download locations and available copies of the video.
  5. If you select Download for offline viewing, choose a download location from the pull-down menu and click Download Now.

Part 2. Easy way to convert Amazon DRM videos for Galaxy Tab 4 Nook

           (Price: $35.95)

Step 1. Add the Amazon Instant video files

Click the “Add…” button to load the iTunes video files. You can also drag and drop to add files. Batch conversion is available so you can add many videos at one time.

Step 2. Choose the output video format as MP4

Click “Video files to” and choose MP4 as the output format. You can also select AVI, WMV, FLV, MKV, etc. However, MP4 works best on Galaxy Tab 4 Nook.

Step 3. Start convert Amazon WMV videos to Galaxy Tab 4 Nook

The final step is to click on the “Start” button and wait for the conversion to be done. After that, click “Find target” to view the converted DRM-free Amazon Instant video files and transfer them to Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook using Samsung sync software. Just enjoy the videos!

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  • April 4, 2015 at 9:32 pm

    I’ve converted my WMV files with very simply clicks. During the process, there was a problem, but after contacting the customer support team, all have been solved and now it’s OK.

  • June 26, 2015 at 2:22 am

    Aimersoft DRM Media Converter makes Amazon instant video converting easy. so I appreciate this easy to use drm video converter.

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    Very nice program. Thank’s you very much for this program. Its my love


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