Watch 3D movies on Zeiss VR One via iPhone/Android

Have bought a Zeiss VR One for unparalleled 3D movie-watching experience? Great! So that you can watch your favorite 3D movies on Zeiss VR One via a compatible smartphone with screen sizes between 4.7 and 5.5 (including iPhone and Android smartphones). This means that you can get out of going to the cinema. VR One and a cell phone can allow you to have a private 3D Theater.

Now, you need know the Zeiss VR One supported video formats:

  • 3D Video Supported: 3D SBS video
  • 2D Video Supported: MP4, MOV

(View here to learn more 3D movies sources)

Then we check the workflow for putting 3D movies to Zeiss VR One via iPhone or Android smartphone. This workflow is divided into 2 parts:

Part One: How to Add supported 3D Movies to Zeiss VR One Cinema?

Steps on Add 3D movies to VR One via iPhone

Step 1. Save the 3D movies to your iPhone, please plug the iPhone into your computer. Open iTunes, connect your iPhone to iTunes, select your iPhone at the top.

Step 2. Open the “Apps” Menu. If you scroll down, you will find the “VR One 
Cinema” app listed under the “File Sharing” menu.

Step 3. Just select it, and either drag and drop 2D/3D videos into the window on the side, or click the “Add” button to search through your folders.

add 3d movies to VR One via iPhone

Step 4. And that’s it! All the videos you add here will be listed under the “Movies” folder inside the app.

It is also important to note that if you have a side-by-side movie that is specially formatted for 3D, you can simply add the keyword “SBS” to the file name of the video, and the app will automatically show the correct content for each eye.

Steps on Add 3D movies to VR One via Android Smartphone

Step 1. Connect your Android smartphone to computer via USB cable and open Android file transfer.

Step 2. Create a folder “VRCinema” on your Android phone at root level.

Step 3. Drag and drop any 2D/3D .mp4 file into this folder.

Step 4. Insert the tray with your Android phone into the Zeiss VR One and then don the headset.

Step 5. Navigate to the Zeiss VR One Cinema app on your Android phone.

Step 6. Go to “My Videos” from the Cineme app content library menu.

Step 7. Select the 3D movies you wish to play and choose the cinema mode to begin playback.

Important Tips for iPhone and Android users

  1. DRM-protected movies (e.g. purchased movies from iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, etc.) are not supported. (You can use a DRM Removal tool to remove DRM protection and convert them to 3D SBS MP4/MOV format for watching on VR One)
  2. For 3D side-by-side (SBS) movies, please make sure that the filename contains “SBS”.
  3. Movies in 720p resolution are best for watching in the VR One Cinema.

Enjoy an awesome virtual reality movie theater experience!

Part Two: How to Add unsupported 3D Movies to Zeiss VR One Cinema?

If you have many 3D movie or video sources like 3D M2TS (from 3D Blu-ray), 3D movies downloaded in 3D MKV/WMV/AVI, 3D YouTube, 3D MTS/AVI shootings from 3D camcorders and so on, it is a pity that these 3D media files aren’t supported by Zeiss VR One natively, you must reformat the incompatible 2D/3D movies to VR One playable 2D/3D format if you are much eager to watch 3D movies on VR One via iPhone/Android freely. In order to finish all these tasks, here we strongly recommend you try Hivimoore Video Converter Ultimate for help, a well-known 3D Movie Converter for achieving fast conversion between 360 videos or 3D content. It also is a blazing-fast drag-and-drop digital video converter, 4K converter, DVD Ripper, DRM Removal, Home DVD/ISO burner and Movie Online Downloader, which lets you convert videos/DVDs to and from virtually any video format out there, with 30X faster conversion speed because of CUDA GPU acceleration.

With it, you can break limiting your movie entertainment options. Make your movies versatile by instantly converting the 3D M2TS, 3D YIFY MKV, 3D AVI, 3D WMV, 3D YouTube FLV, 3D MTS, etc. 3D movies as well as all 2D videos and DVD movies to VR One accessable 3D SBS MP4/MOV formats for watching via iPhone/Android smartphone. To be more specific, it offers several settings to let you free change 3D effect at your needs.

In addition to make 3D movie files accepted by Zeiss VR One, you can also view the 3D SBS MP4 movie on other any VR Headsets like Gear VR, Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, Google Daydream View, ANTVR Kit VR Headset, Avegant Glyph, HTC Vive/SteamVR, PlayStation VR, Microsoft HoloLens, etc. with ease. The 3D Movie Converter support various devices like iPhone 7/7plus, iPhone 6s/plus, iPhone 6/plus, Android phones/tables, HTC, LG, Google Nexus, Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy, iPad Pro/Air 2/3/mini 4/mini 3, Nokia Lumia, BlackBerry, smart TV, PC/Mac with 3D player and other player, etc.

For Mac user, you can download Hivimoore Video Converter Ultimate for Mac (including macOS Sierra 10.12, El Capitan 10.11), which has the same function as the Windows version. Even freshers can quickly finish the 3D movies to VR One conversion. Download it and make compatible 3D movies at home!

Watch 3D movies on Zeiss VR One Watch 3D movies on Zeiss VR One

Watch 3D movies on Zeiss VR One Watch 3D movies on Zeiss VR One

Install and run 3D Video Converter on your computer.

Steps on converting any 2D/3D movies to VR One for watching via iPhone/Android

Step 1. Load your 2D or 3D movies

Now it is time to load your desired 3D movie or 360 video file onto software window. This task can be completed with two easy to follow methods: either you need to hit the “Add Files” option on your screen so that file explorer can be opened and desired video file can be selected directly whereas the second most commonly used method allow users to easily drag files onto software window.

Watch 3D movies on Zeiss VR One 
Step 2. Select 3D MP4 as output format

From “Output Format” > “Format” > “3D” , please choose side-by-side(SBS) 3D MP4 as the output format. It works on Zeiss VR One perfectly.

Click “Settings” to adjust the parameters like video codec, video bitrate, video frame rate, audio sample rate, audio channel. Movies in 720p resolution are best for watching in the VR One Cinema. Note 1280*720 compressed side-by-side 3D should be resampled to 1280*360 resolution full side-by-side resolution.

Watch 3D movies on Zeiss VR One

Step 3. Start 3D movie conversion for VR One

Click the “Convert” button to start the 3D movie to 3D SBS MP4 conversion. After the conversion, click “Open” button to quickly locate the generated media file. Now you can back to “Part One” to add the converted 3D movies to VR One. Once all your favorite 3D movies get added to VR One supporting smartphones then it is right time to play and enjoy for hours.

Again Tip: For 3D side-by-side (SBS) movies, please make sure that the filename contains “SBS”. The VR One Cinema app will automatically show the correct content for each eye if you have added the keyword “SBS” to the file name of the video.

It is now much easier to access your 3D movies on Zeiss VR One via iPhone/Android smartphone as hivimoore converter tool assists in easy synchronization.

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