How to Extend Rental Time of iTunes Movie Rental?

Is it possible to make iTunes rentals last longer?

“I really want to make my rental last longer as I haven’t managed to watch it yet. Please answer soon!! I only have 1 hour left before it disappears. Also I have iTunes 10 if that helps.”

Who else thinks iTunes Movie rentals need to last longer than 24 hours before they expire?

“Not to get into specifics, but it sometimes takes me 2 days to watch 1 movie – especially if the movie is 2+ hours long.

If 8pm is the only time i can start to watch a rental, but I can’t finish it that night, I NEED to watch the rest before 8pm the next day. What ends up happening is I never make that 8pm cut off and can never watch the endings!

I need apple to extend the rental period a few more hours. Perhaps to 30, because 24 isn’t cutting it for me.”

Do you also have the same problem?

Renting movie from iTunes will be respectively cheaper, but one annoying thing is that there is rental period for the movies. Normally, the rental period will be 24 hours in U.S.A, but 48 hours in Canada (Yes, it’s kind of per-country rules). Though we have 30 days to start watching, we can’t make the rental period counting stop once start watching. What ends up happening is if we have not enough time to finish the movie, we can never watch the endings.

How to make the iTunes movie rental last longer than 24/48 hours?

Method 1:

You can use Camtasia, Any Video Recorder to record screen. Recording video from iTunes will take longer than movie duration. What’s more, you will need to turn off your screen saver to let your screen keep working.

Method 2:

Other way is to strip the DRM from iTunes movie rental with DRM Media Converter. By doing so, you can rid of the rental period and keep the iTunes movie rental forever.

It runs well in Windows (Windows 8) and can help you convert both unprotected and protected iTunes videos to MP4 with lossless video quality. Besides iTunes M4V/MOV, it can also convert video and audio between WMV, AVI, MP4, MOV, FLV, MKV, WMA,MP3, etc. and remove DRM from Amazon, Digital Copy, BBC iPlayer, Zune, Nokia, etc. With the intuitive interface, you can convert your iTunes movies to MP4 in clicks!

Get the program now and convert iTunes movies to MP4, then you can enjoy your own video freely anywhere!


Guide on How to strip iTunes DRM and convert iTunes to a proper format (such as: MP4) for playing?

1. Add iTunes movies to the program

Launch DRM Converter and click the “Add…” button and browse files from your computer. (You can choose “Find DRM” to automatically load all the DRM-protected files on your hard drive.).

2. Choose MP4 as the output format and select an output folder

Choose MP4 as the output format and define a folder to save the converted video files. If you want to play the videos on a certain device, say PSP, you can just choose PSP as the output format (The software provides the optimized video presets for devices like PSP, Xbox, iPhone, iPad, etc.).

3. Start the conversion

After finishing all the settings, you can click the “Start” button to begin converting iTunes movie rentals to MP4. For the DRM protected M4V files, the DRM Converter will remove the iTunes DRM from them.

It’s so easy. Just have a try!

Method 3:

Go to iTunes store and rent the same movie again… Obviously, this is an unwise.

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