Review: How to Get the Best Video Editor on macOS 12 Monterey for Beginners?

Looking for a beginner’s video editors for Mac? Want to know the easiest and best video editor for macOS 12 Monterey? That is the quick view about the 2022 best video editor for Mac.

Beginners often ask “As a beginner, how do I get the best Video Editor for Mac?” There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, everyone has different needs for video editors, and if you ask what the best Mac video editing software is, everyone’s answer may be different. Because the best video editor for a specific project will vary depending on the type of project, the user’s experience level, and the video editor’s features.

However, some general tips that may be helpful include:

  1. Do your research – Before you start shopping for a video editor, make sure to do some research to find one that is suited to your needs. This will help you find a video editor that has all the features you need and won’t require you to learn complicated software or deal with tricky installation procedures.
  2. Try out different editors – Once you’ve narrowed down your search to a few editors, it’s important to try them out and see which one is best suited for the task at hand. This way, you can get a sense for how easy or hard it is to use each one, as well as which features are most important to you.
  3. Be prepared to invest – Although not every video editor requires an upfront investment, some may be more expensive than others. Make sure to do your research before making a purchase so that you know exactly what you’re getting into.
  4. Save often – One of the best ways to save money on video editing is by using a video editor that offers automatic saving capabilities. This way, even if you make minor mistakes while editing your videos, they will be automatically saved so that you can go back and fix them later without having to worry about losing any progress.

Here are some ways to help you find the best Mac Video Editing software for you.

  • Determine which editing features you need to use, such as adding effects, adding animated text, etc.
  • By combining your needs, search to get some of the most downloaded editing software and read reviews about them.
  • Download a few programs that you think will meet your needs and try them out, usually, they have a free trial version.
  • Based on the features, price, user-friendliness, etc. of the editing software, choose the one you think is the best.

FCP and iMovie are both good video editing software for Mac users.

FCP is more professional-quality video editing software available for compatibility with macOS. The software is often used by video editors and journalists to professionally edit high-quality videos for professional communication.


  • The final edited video must be saved in a specific format to avoid issues with the images within the file.
  • The interface is quite complicated and might require some expertise to working conveniently on it.

iMovie is a popular video editing software compatible with macOS. It allows users to edit videos from different types of digital cameras, encoded files, and images. It also allows a variety of effect transitions to be added to the videos.


  • Might have issues with MP4 files compatibility, which hinders many users from editing their files.
  • Limited storage space availability, which limits the number of projects you can handle on the platform.
Comparing iMovie Final Cut Pro
Price Free $299.99
Syncing with iCloud None
Auto enhancements & Presets
Top HD format support 1080 UHD 4K
Team collaboration ×
Sync with Multicamera scene ×
Availability of Mobile app ×
User-friendly Very Friendly Complicated
Professional quality Beginner Expert/Professional

It depends on your demands and video editing skills to determind which one is better for you. Now, we are going to show you the best alternative for iMovie and Final Cut Pro for Mac – Filmora for Mac from Hivimoore agent.

Filmora for Mac as the mainstream, easiest and powerful video editor for beginners. its rich effect library contains over a thousand modern special effects from niches such as gaming, blockbuster or tutorial, and new effects are added every month. The Action Cam tool is designed to make merging footage shot on action cameras easy and quick. Filmora for Mac supports a wide range of file formats including HEVC, AVI, MP4, MKV, FLV, MKV, M4V, 3GP, MOV, MPEG, VOB, RMVB, TS, M2TS, WMV, ASF and many more, so you don’t have to worry if your footage was shot in 4K or HD because you can easily edit it with the best Video Editor for macOS 12 Monterey.

The basics of video editing — concatenating, trimming, and splitting video clips, then outputting the result as a single file — are available in all the software here. However, you can do a lot more with videos. Add transitions between clips, text titles and subtitles, and fun effects with unlimited variations. Picture-in-picture, motion tracking and chroma keying are further possibilities in the medium.

Then there’s the audio: Most Mac video editing software lets you add background music, voiceovers, and effects and adjustments to the clip’s audio. Want your video to sound like it was recorded in a concert hall or stadium? Filmora for Mac can do just that.

The final stage of editing cannot be ignored: output. Does the program easily format your project for your expected output? For most amateur video editors today, that means online social video – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, but you may want to privately share an HD or 4K file or a more professional output like Vimeo, and have it Embed into your website, presentation or Zoom session. You might even want to create a DVD or USB key of your video to share as an in-kind gift or promotion.

Even though it is widely considered as one of the premium entry-level video editing software options, Filmora for Mac also offers advanced editing tools. The software product comes with detailed learning resources and provides support to its users who have little editing experience. The wide range of file formats and remarkably diverse Export options make Filmora an interesting choice for those who are just entering the world of video editing, but also for more experienced editors.

– A large number of professional video editing features Filmora for Mac offers as well as its modernly designed interface makes it one of the best options for amateur video creators.

– You can use all the features in the free trial version, but have to pay to remove the watermark.

Now, free download, install and run the 2022 best Video Editor on your macOS 12 Monterey.


Go to Windows Version

Get Started Editing

Open Filmora for Mac after your footage is ready on your computer.

Create a New Project or Open an Existing Project

  • To create a new project, click New Project in the main window or File > New Project in the menu bar.
  • To open an existing project, click Open Project in the main window or File > Open Project and File > Open Recent in the menu bar.

Import Video, Audio, and Images

To import media files, you can

  • Click on the “+” icon to browse the local file on your Win and add files.
  • Drag and drop the media file to the Media Library area.
  • Import media files from an external device.
  • Import with Instant Cutter tool.

Edit and Arrange Elements in the Timeline

Here are two ways to add media to the timeline:

  • Find the video clip you want in the Media Library. Then, drag and drop it into your timeline.
  • Right-click the video clip in the Media Library, and you will get Insert, Overwrite, Append, Add to New Track, and other more specific editing options.

Add Effects, Filters, Titles, and Music

To get started with titles, you can select an existing title template from Filmora. Type in a title, and then adjust its appearance.

For more information on titles, see below:

  • Types of Titles
  • Add Titles
  • Edit and Customize Text
  • Text Animation
  • Text Presets

Export Video and Share

  • You can choose to export your video to a file and save it on a PC or export it to the device you want to play your video on.
  • You can upload your video to YouTube directly in Export settings.
  • You can burn your video from a DVD. Choose the DVD tab and enter the required settings, such as the aspect ratio and disc type.

Remove Video Watermark

There is only one difference between the free trial of Filmora for Mac and the paid version: videos exported from the free version will have a Filmora watermark.

Be impressed by new features

  • Audio Visualizer: Make your music alive on PC now.
  • Audio Normalization: One-click audio normalization.
  • Audio Effects: Apply special audio effects to your clips; includes effects like echo, reverb, and phone.
  • Support SRT file: Easily add external subtitles to your video.
  • Support HDR: Vivid visual experience in Filmora now.

Speech to Text: Save your time by converting voice to subtitles in one click.

Text to Speech: One click to convert text to voiceover and liven up your story.


Still looking for the 2022 best video editing software for macOS 12 Monterey? Try Filmora for Mac.

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    Your Filmora for Mac is now a super powerful, really awesome application. Many of the advanced features I find here are typically only included in more professional software, so it offers a lot of bang for my buck.

  • April 14, 2022 at 6:08 am

    I’ve been playing around with motion tracking and audio ducking, both works well for my purposes and are welcomes features for vlogging. Colour matching i can use but haven’t yet. Not sure how I will use key framing. Thanks.

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    Love the new feature. Great improvement to to the Audio settings


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