Color Matching in Filmora: Color Your Digital Video and Set the Tone For Your Project

Outline: Color Match allows you to color correct videos as a batch instead of having to edit each individually. So, What’s the best color match generator in 2022? How to color match videos quickly? Hivimoore offers the ultimate guide for the easiest and quickest way to match color your videos.

Color helps to tell a story better when it is added to the pictures and videos. Different colors presents the distinct mood or artistic conception. Blue stands for the sorrow, sadness or melancholy. Black and while display in a nostalgic way. Purple is the spokesperson of the mystery. Use the simple words to explain it clearly: taking advantage of colors quickly catches the attention of the viewers. Because people like the stories expressed in a sparkling way.

Before we talk about the color adjustment on video editing, know more words commonly used.

Part 1. Terms to Learn

Hue: It is a pure color as well as the first primary feature, which determines what color it is. We can say it is the most accurate standard for distinguishing various colors.

Saturation: Also known as purity, refers to the vividness of the color. For example, the following colors both are red. The saturation of bright red is high. While the saturation of rose red is slightly lower.

Luminance: The degree of reflection of light on the surface of an object is the brightness. The brighter the color on the surface of the object, the more light is reflected. Among all colors, the brightest is yellow and the lowest is violet.

These are what we usually call the three attributes of color. Any color includes them. After knowing the knowledge, now it is time to discuss the color adjustment when modifying videos on editing software.

Part 2. What are differences: Color Correction, Color Grading and Color Matching?

First we can first dig out the differences about these three editing options.

Color Correction: It is to adjust the exposure, contrast, white and black levels and white balance. The aim is to make the accurate colors. Many people encounter this problem when shooting with a digital video camera: the image shot in a room with fluorescent lights will appear greenish; The scenes shot indoors under tungsten lighting will appear yellowish; The shots in sunlight shadows are inexplicably bluish because of the white balance setting.

Color Grading: After doing the step of making color correction, it comes to the color grading. This step is to give your footage to a specific style, which decides how the final look of the video clip  is. You can create your video works in an artist way.

Color Matching: It is used in this scene. You have more than one video footage. Suppose the image of one video is what you required, then this video will be regarded as the reference shot. With the help of color matching, other videos can be set to similar look in color as the source reference. The aim is to unify the video color style and the color scheme.

Part 3. People’s Questions on Color Adjustment on the Web

  • How do I color match a video?
  • Which video editor is best for color grading?
  • How do I color match in Adobe?
  • Which free video editor is best for color correction?
  • Is colour grading necessary?
  • How do you adjust the color on a video?
  • Can you edit colors in video?
  • How do I fix my color correction?
  • Which free video editor is best for color correction?

Part 4. Top Picks for Color Grading/Correction/Matching Software

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro
  2. DaVinci Resolve
  3. Final Cut Pro X
  4. Filmora
  5. ColorDirector
  6. Vegas Post
  7. Magic Bullet Colorista
  8. Color Finale 2
  9. FilmConvert
  10. AI

Part 5. Movie Color Palette Examples

To make you to understand the color adjustment more deeply, we quote the palette examples from StudioBinder Mood Board. You can download the image for reference. From the picture, get more detailed information about how the film-making works on the color. As a video editor, the video style reveals from the color of the whole movie. It does matter so much on video performance. If you make a perfect color on the video works, then you get a half success.

Part 6. A Guide to Color Grading/Correction Your Video in 3 Easy Steps Using Filmora

Improve your efficiency of matching color across multiple clips with Filmora color match features right now. With it, you can get color settings from a clip screen in 1 click & adjust your color easily. Then quickly apply them to the entire batch of clips, making your desired color for the whole video.

Filmora intelligently adds filters to match appropriate colors. The whole picture and video will be unified and coordinated. Besides, you can choose the level of color match from 1% – 100 %, making your picture and video more creative you want.

No matter what devices you use to make video No matter what original color of the scene Try Filmora to change and unify the color with the scene by applying color match function & Saving your time and efforts in color adjustment.

Explore More Features

Are you ready? Download Filmora on your computer. It will give you much surprise. Get it started.


Step 1. Run the top popular video editing software Filmora.

Click Import to input the source videos. Drag them into the timeline for editing. Right click on the video of the timeline. Choose Color option -> Color Correction.

An advanced color correction window will pop up. Here it is suggested to use side by side view mode. Then you can see before-after comparison.

Step 2. Apply Advanced Color Correction/Grading


Here you can pick the preset templates or adjust the color nicely. It is a good choice to choose Presets for beginners. Filmora offers several templates like White Balance, Vignette, 3D LUT etc.


Filmora offers the advanced settings for the professionals. There are several options available to correct the movie color. Easily set the white balance like color temperature or the color tint, 3D LUT, Color, Light, HSL as well as Vignette etc.

Color Enhancement: Adjust the threshold and value in auto mode or make it manually.

White Balance: You have two options including temperature and tint to make the adjustment.

3D LUT: LUT means 3D Lookup Tables. You can get movie level looking color for your clips. Namely your video owns the atmosphere of a blockbuster movie like Harry Porter, Batman, etc.

Color: Here you determine five factors of the video clip color including exposure, brightness, contrast, vibrance and saturation.

Light: Customize the overall lightness or darkness of your video image. Adjust the highlight, shadows, whites and blacks.

HSL: It is the short name for Hue, Saturation and Lightness. Check terms to learn to know more.

Vignette: This setting is used to make videos more visually appealing. Adjust these parameters to achieve the perfect result in color including amount, size, roundness, feather, exposure and highlight.

Step 3. Export the Final Video.

After doing the color correction, preview the whole video output effect. If it achieves the goal and the final video matches your imagine, then go to Click Export button. You can choose the output format suitable for the final media platform. Or go to Devices tab to select the portable devices like iPhone, iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire, PSP, Xbox, etc. Of course, it is convenient for you to upload it to YouTube or Vimeo directly or burn it to DVD for better preservation.

Part 7. A Guide to Color Matching Your Video in 5 Easy Steps with Filmora

Step 1. Import the videos to the timeline for color matching. Drag the play-head to the clip to color match. Double click on it. Switch to Color panel and check the Color Match option.

Step 2. Click Comparison View button. Two videos will display on the preview window side by side. The left one is the reference video. The right one is the current video needing to apply the color matching.

Step 3. Use the playback control to locate the frame containing the color you hope to match as a reference.

Step 4. Click Match button to match the colors. You will see the current video at once, which has matched the color in the reference video.

Step 5. If you are not satisfied with the matching result, you can drag the Level slider to make the enhancement. Then click OK to apply the changes.

Note: Please first do the color correction and color grading in the reference video if necessary, then do the color matching .


Now after you learn about the color grading/correction and color matching, then you’re ready to color and edit your footage. Why not use this 2022 video editing software Filmora to inspire your imagine for your video art creation? Then more and more viewers will come to you. Why? It is all about the great imagery.

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