Take a Closer Look at Motion Tracking – Bring Your Video Footage To Life

Motion Tracking has the ability to add those things which do not exist in the space to do the composition with the source footage in order to bring your video clip to life. So it is absolutely awesome and brilliant. All the YoutTubers and the professional video editing people deserve owning this effect. Let’s go into the fantasy world with the imagination.

Part 1. What is Motion Tracking?

Motion tracking is to track the movement of an moving object or people and capture the running information as well as data. Apply the extracted and recorded path to another element of the target video afterwards. The element can be a text, an image, a video or even a 3D animation. In other words, they do the same motion as the advancing people or object.

You can understand it in a simple way: it is a composition processing where you insert some extra elements, which do some type of movements, into the scene of your source video. This is an powerful and useful effect. It can not be ignored easily if you eager to get one splendid final video works.

It can be regarded as a way that mixes the fantasy and the reality. That creates the unbelievable visual scene and makes the video result perform to another new level. It is like a magic chemistry between the source video footage and the added element imagination.

Part 2. Samples Made by Motion Tracking Effect

So let’s see what it is like when doing motion tracking. You can add a pair of swings to a walking people to dress him or her up as an angel. Put a name box following a moving object or a person  in real time in order to introduce more clearly. Fly a cloud with several rain drops on the head of a man in a blue or bad mood. Or make a fire follow a running soccer. Then what you see is an amazing comet. Turn the ordinary object to more jaw-dropping surprise. Taking the advantage of this creative feature, your videos will definitely be different and compelling.

Makeing Motion Tracking

Part 3. Top Motion Tracking Software

Part 4. Why Use Motion Tracking Effect?

This effect play an important role in post-production of the film making and game. When it comes to video editing field, for YouTubers or people working on the footage and clips, it is just the fresh air in order to create unique visual effect and better video presentation. Generally containing motion tracking effect the the common scene will become more attractive and live. Like a magic, unleash the power of your imagination at maximum.

Part 5. Main Types of Motion Tracking

We can divide motion tracking into 6 types. They are single-point tracking, two-point tracking, corner pin tracking, planar tracking, spline tracking and 3D camera tracking. With the respective features, we utilize them in separate scenes. Namely you have 6 ways to track your video clips or footage.

01 single-point tracking: suitable to use in the scene where the object moves directly in some direction like left, right, up or down.

02 two-point tracking: Track two points and apply them into one text or image with different movements.

03 corner pin tracking: You can also call it four points tracking. Capture the data from four points and then add them into the four corners of the target object.

04 planar tracking: It is totally not same as the point-tracking methods. It tracks planes like mobile phone surface as well as textures, better for tracking objects with the blur or dark places.

05 spline tracking: It is the most precise way to do the tracking job. You can custom the tracking plane. If the tracking target is very complicated, then this is the best choice.

06 3D camera tracking: It helps to auto get tracking points. You can choose the points you want. It is time-consuming but worth it.

Part 6. How To Put Motion Tracking Effect to Your Project With Filmora?

The tracking process may be manual or automatic, depending on the editing software being used. The newly released Filmora version has featured the motion tracking tool already. The Motion Tracking tool in Filmora analyzes your clip and separates the subject based on contrast automatically. Therefore, the subject must have a sharp contrast with its surrounding for proper tracking.

If there are any slight inconsistencies, manual corrections must be made. On the other hand, if you want a complete Manual approach, it is also available as an alternative. But thanks to Filmora’s powerful tracking tool, you’ll most likely never need it.

In the following part, you will learn how to use the motion tracking feature to identify the path first, and then add clipart to follow the object movement path.

Now, I will show you how to do motion tracking in Filmora with images, elements and texts. Free download, install and run the 2022 best Motion Tracker tool on your computer.


Before you start, make sure that the target object is in the frame for the entire duration of tracking, you may need to split and delete some segments if necessary.

Set the tracking point and obtain its proceeding path.

Import your media files into the timeline and put the playhead to the beginning point.

Click on the Motion Tracking button on the toolbar. Then the tracking box will pop up.

Adjust the box size to pinpoint the target track in the preview window.

Click on Start Tracking icon until the analyzing process ends.

Now let’s start to apply the text, the image or the elements to the tracked path.

A: Add Text Motion Tracking in Filmora

  1. Click on the “Titles” button, select a type of text. Drag it to the track above the tracked video.
  2. Edit the text like size, font, etc. Then click OK to make it done.
  3. Double click on the target video in the timeline. Go to the Motion Tracking window.
  4. Select the text layer from the drop-down box. Click OK.

B: Add Still Image Motion Tracking with Filmora

  1. Put the image to the timeline.
  2. Modify the image like size, orientation, color, etc. Adjust the size of the image on the timeline to match the video.
  3. Double click on the source video on the timeline. Click the Motion Tracking icon to select the image you want from the drop-down box.

C: Add Elements Motion Tracking in Filmora

Besides the text and the image, Filmora can also help add the elements. It includes shapes, emojis, badges, AR, and more.

Filmora offers various elements, which allows to add arrows to a video that makes it more different and even more cute.

Add the elements to the timeline by double-clicking on them and do some editing in the Video tab. Click on the elements to locate their position from the preview window.

The Motion Tracker tool lets you track movement in your video and have objects like elements, videos, images, and text follow that movement.

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