Auto Sync Video Footage to the Beats of Music Using Filmora

When you are facing a bunch of source footage that you recorded, one thing may come into your mind: pick some music clips and sync videos into the music beat perfectly. But when the audio tracks are out there, where to start from? Trapped in the editing trouble and in a mess? Now let’s get it clear: the tool to help match videos with music beat is what you need. With the help of the Auto Beat Sync video editing application, you can make the editing to the beat of music a snap.

What You Will Learn In This Article:

Part 1. Why Matching Video with the Music Beat?

Nowadays most videos on the social media platforms have its certain promotion aim. Get more exposure and gain more viewers so as to obtain more business interests. The trailers or

commercials are usually spread on YouTube, Instagram and twitter widely.

In order to make the final video result attract more attentions of the target population, is a must to own the amazing or stunning music beat into the video. The professional beat synced visual effect will have the audience or viewers to immerse themselves into the atmosphere created by the polished video. They will be given better impressions.

Tip: Auto Beat Sync will get a small part from the same video or different videos, and combine them into a personalized and stylish video.

Part 2. Do You Have These Question Marks On Your Mind?

If you have the similar questions on your mind as below, you will need the auto syncing beat applications to help you out. We collect these questions for you as a reference.

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Part 3. Top Auto Syncing Beat Video Editing Software

Before starting the video to the music festival, you need to know something. What are the best sync video to music beat applications for Mac and PC computers? The complexity you want to create is to determine which video editing application is suitable for your best way. In addition, the multifunctional characteristics of video editing tools that are used to synchronize video to music festivals should help you determine whether the video editor can meet all video editing needs.

The following software are all helpful for you to get auto syncing beat effect on your video clips. Pick one you like and add to the splendid result for your video masterpieces.

  1. Premiere Elements
  2. Wondershare Filmora
  3. KineMaster
  4. VSDC
  5. Davinci Resolve
  6. FlexClip Audio Sync App Online
  7. Kapwing
  8. Corel VideoStudio® Pro
  9. Movavi Video Suite
  10. CyberLink PowerDirector 365
  11. MAGIX Pro
  12. Final Cut Pro X
  13. Adobe Premiere Pro
  14. Cyberlink PowerDirector
  15. Beat Sync Maker
  16. Magisto

Part 4. How Does Filmora Assist you to Cut Videos to the Beat?

In Filmora, the feature to Auto Beat Sync is included. It automatically analyses the music beats in your clips and serves on the footage. It will definitely save your time and make you easier to make video editing. With the syncing beat technology, those impressive highlight parts and scene changes all fall in sync with the beat, which grabs viewer’s eyes more quickly. Its beat detection feature makes it a perfect fit for music videos. And this beat-making software also offers basic cutting& splitting features and a huge royalty-free library for your music videos.

The video editor comes with an intuitive, modern, and user-friendly interface with simple drag and drops features. You will readily see a big list of menus such as Audio, Media, Transitions, Elements, Export, and Split Screen.

It is a type of video editor with multiple features such as Frame by Frame Preview, 4K Editing Support, GIF Support, Social Import, Speed Control, Noise Removal, Advanced Text Editing, 3D Lut, Scene Detection, Audio Separation, and Audio Equilizer, etc.

Whether you want to edit home videos and send it to friends and family or upload on social media sharing sites such as Vimeo or YouTube, Filmora Video Editor is always there to help you with every aspect of video editing.

Just download a free trial of the best Auto Syncing Beat Video Editing Software and get started!

Compatibility: macOS, Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11


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Here are the step by step tutorial for syncing video to music beat in Filmora:

  • Select Auto Beat Sync: Choose Auto Beat Sync on the startup windows of Filmora.
  • Import your video clip and music file to Filmora: drag and drop your media file to the media library.
  • Choose Auto Beat Sync: Click on the Auto Beat Sync and Filmora will do the rest for you.
  • You can also use Auto Highlight to make your video stands out.

If you still have more questions about syncing the beat in Filmora, you can also see the detailed one by one step guide.

Step 1. Import Video and Audio Files

Import the background music to Filmora media library. Go to File> Import Media> Import Media Files. Here you will input your media files into your project file. Or just drag and drop your them to the main interface of the application.

Step 2. Sync and Cut Footage to the Beat of Music

Right-click the chosen audio track and select Beat Detection. It helps you auto detect and analyze the beats. Meanwhile it saves time for you during the video editing in the long run. You can also go to the Audio tab and get 79 royalty-free music built in Filmora to make beats for your background music if you don’t have your source music.

Wait for a minute for the first time. After that, you will see the beat markers on the timeline. Note: Adjust the beat options via Beat Options. Right click on the music file and select the “Beat Option“.

It is ready to do cuts in every upbeat. And then sync the source videos with music beats. Make sure that all the wanted cuts fall in every upbeat of audio.

Step 3. Configure Your Own Beat Settings

Beat markers in red can be seen on the Filmora on every four beats. This is the default configuration. Four beat markers responding to every hit. The settings can be changed by selecting the Beat Options from the right-click menu on the music file in the Media Library. A pop-up window will open where you can make the necessary changes.

Step 4. Sync Your Videos to the Music Beats

Now that you are done marking beats, you can accurately sync the video as per your requirement on the video tracks via per music beat on the audio track. This whole treatment will make the music video smoother and more structured.

Let’s start to sync videos with the audio beats. Import all the footage into the timeline. Choose the video and click the + button in between the video. After adding it to the project file, you can adjust videos with the music upbeats as follows.

Step 5. Save and export your edited project

Once the steps above is over, it is time to export the video. Click the Export button on the toolbar. Save them in WMV and MP4 formats. Rename and choose the video resolution as well. Filmora not only supports various video formats for the export, but also enables you to upload your music video to Youtube or Vimeo directly.

Conclusion Simply put, why choose Filmora to edit the syncing beats? It easily analyze beat points to add video effects or switch the view. What is more, you can take small parts from the same video or different videos, finally combine them into one stylized and stunning videos. It is absolutely a good option to do music beat syncing effect.


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