Auto Reframe Your Videos Intelligently to the Wanted Aspect Ratios Seamlessly

Nowadays each person is a director of the own life. People shoot various videos by the professional digital cameras or the smart phones. Everyone has a media video library to share on social media platforms: YouTube, Facebook,Instagram etc. Then one problem appears. That is how to make the video to compliant with different platforms’ requirement?

The aspect ratio of the video clips is involved. We need to re-frame the footage in order to obtain the horizontal, square and vertical videos, making them friendly for multiple platforms and channels.

Before we do the edits to make the auto reframing or resizing videos, let’s know more terms.

Part 1. What is Aspect Ratio?

Aspect ratio refers to the ratio of its width to its height of an image. Generally it is written with the width first such as 16:9, 4:3, 1:1,9:16. Different cameras or smart phones shoot in different aspect ratios. The produced videos needs to be re-edited for tucking into the screens flawlessly.

A video shot at 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution will have a 16:9 aspect ratio because the width (1920 pixels) is 1.7 times the height (1080 pixels), the same ratio as 16/9 or usually written as 16:9 .

Aspect ratio can refer to your video aspect ratio, which is the aspect ratio of your recorded video. It may also refer to the display (or screen) of a monitor (or screen), indicating the aspect ratio at which your video will be played on the device screen or projection screen.

Part 2. What is Auto Reframe?

It is the process to recognize the actions of the video footage intelligently and rebuild the clips in frames in order to adapt to the separate aspect ratios. The idea of the feature in editing software is to keep the main moving subject in the video frame all the time while keeping the aspect ratio.

Part 3. Samples of Video in Different Aspect Ratios

Now let us take a look at the sample intuitively. We can know the different aspect ratio or screen proportion directly.

Auto Reframe Your Videos Intelligently

Auto Reframe Your Videos Intelligently

Part 4. The Requests Online For Auto Adjusting dimension

  • How do I Auto reframe in Filmora?
  • Does anyone know how to turn on auto reframe in FCP?
  • Is it easy to stabilize video in Adobe rush?
  • What is the purpose of reframing?
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  • What is a reframe video?

See how to automatically re-frame your video to suit different aspect ratios using different video editing software.

Part 5. How to Add the Auto Reframe Effect to a Clip in Filmora for Windows?

Use the auto-reframing feature in Filmora, you can easily input the video and the application will analyze the media content with the sequence of the motions. It captures the main subject automatically to fit the different aspect ratio intelligently. This makes the main subject to show up in the center of the desired screen dimension.

Intelligently reframe your videos to different aspect ratios
Powered by AI technology, you can easily convert landscape video to portrait 9:16 aspect ratio in minutes without quality loss. Auto Reframe automatically detects the focus of the video and crops it, always staying within the frame. This way, the main action or object of your video never disappears. At the same time, you can also adjust the frame to suit your needs.

One video for every social platform
Have you ever felt anxious about growing your YouTube fan base? By posting your videos to more social media platforms, you’ll save time and effort to reach more potential audiences. You can choose to manually change the focus of the video or choose an aspect ratio that suits your preference, depending on which social platform you want to upload your video to. With Filmora, you can easily convert YouTube videos into vertical videos suitable for TikTok and YouTube Shorts. Or, convert your horizontal video into a square version that works best for Instagram audiences. (Learn more about Filmora at review)


Go to Mac Version

Step 1: Lauch Filmora and Choose Auto Reframe option.

Filmora offers 3 ways to enable auto reframe feature.

A. The main interface will show the Auto Reframe option whe you open Filmora. Click to enable it directly.

Auto Reframe Your Videos Intelligently

B. Click on File > Import Media Files. Choose the media files to import. Right-click on it to select Auto Reframe option.

C. You can click Tools option on the top menu bar and select Auto Reframe option.

Auto Reframe Your Videos Intelligently

Step 2: Set the Aspect Ratio Settings and Motion Speed

Advanced Auto Reframe setting window will pop up. Here you can input the media files if they are not ready. Moreover, you can import another file instead of the existing file. Replace File at the top option is ready for you.

Six aspect ratios templates are available. There are the square (1:1), vertical (9:16), standard (4:3), widescreen (16:9), Instagram (4:5) and cinema (21:9). According to the platform you upload the video to, choose what you need.

Meanwhile, adjust the speed of your clips here. You have three options: Auto, Fast and Slow. How to select a suitable one depends on the motions or actions in your video, which is few or much.

Step 3: Analyze the Video for the Auto-Reframing.

After making the settings done, then click Analyze button. This process will take a few seconds for the analysis on your video clip.

When the process is done, the final video will be reframed in the specified aspect ratio and speed. What is more, it is easy to try other aspect ratio and speed via clicking on Restart button.

Step 4: Preview the Target Video and Check the Result

Watch the preview result of  the final clip. To reduce the repetitive work, you can adjust the frame which you are not satisfied with. Move the framing box to the place to modify. Drag the frame window with your mouse. Use tools such as Undo, Redo, Next Edit Point, and Previous Edit Point at the bottom menu.

Now it is time to export the video with the reframed effect.

Part 6. How to Use the Auto Reframe in Filmora for Mac?

In our detailed analysis on the ease of use of the Auto Reframe feature, we’ve discovered the new launch of this feature by Filmora for Mac as well. Not only this, it has some other exciting updates in its Version 10.2 for all Mac users. (Learn more at review)

Compared to Adobe Premiere Pro, we found the Auto Reframe feature in Filmora for Mac relatively easy. Let’s see how it goes in the following steps!


Steps to Use Auto Reframe in your Footage using Filmora for Mac

Step 1: Install Filmora for Mac

Install and launch the latest version of Filmora for Mac, and select Auto Reframe under the More Tools tab.

Step 2: Import media files

Insert the media into the Auto Reframe tool by clicking the Import button as shown below.

Or you can launch Filmora and select Create Project. Drag the video clip to the Media area, right click on it and choose Auto Reframe from the pop-up menu.

Step 3: Select Aspect ratio

Select the aspect ratio among five different options.

Then the reframing starts, you can see the result in the preview window. There’s an option to adjust the frame if you need.

Also, you can adjust the Advanced settings as shown below.

When the reframing and adjustment are completed, click the Export button to save the cropped clip.

Part 7. How to Use Auto Reframe in Adobe Premiere Pro?

1. Run Adobe Premiere and Choose Video Effects -> Transform.

Drag and drop the Auto Reframe effect to the video on the timeline for re-framing.

2. Select a suitable motion tracking option from Effect control panel to slightly adjust Auto Reframe effect.

Then it will generate keyframes tracking the motion in your clip. You have three options: Slower Motion, Default, or Faster Motion.

Slower Motion

Apply this option only when no camera motion or very little. After using this effect, basically the clip is static with few keyframes.


Suitable for most cases. Auto Reframe effect follows the action mostly. But note the clip result may not be perfect when the video motion is fast.

Faster Motion

When there is much motion in the video clip, then it is time to use Faster Motion if you hope to apply the auto reframe effect. This feature will ensure the target object is in the frame all the time. According to the needs, a lot of keyframes can be added to your video footage.

3. Fine tune the settings: Adjust Position, Reframe Offset, Reframe Scale, Reframe Rotation.

4.  After doing the effect, copy and edit the keyframes in Effect Controls panel to make the small adjustment.

Part 8. Use Smart Conform to Auto Reframe Video By Final Cut Pro X on Mac

Utilize Smart Conform feature to automatically reframe clips using Final Cut Pro X on Mac.It analyzes the contents of selected clips in a project and automatically adjusts the framing. This can make these important elements are not left outside the video frame.

  1. Create a new project or open an existing project.
  2. In the timeline, select one or more clips whose aspect ratio does not match the project aspect ratio.
  3. Choose Modify > Smart Conform.

The software will analyze the content of the selected clips and then intelligently reframes each clip.

  1. After the Smart Conform process is complete, it is easy to make additional framing adjustments by changing the Position parameter for the Transform effect.

Why to Use Filmora to Complete Auto-Reframe?

  1. Available on Windows and Mac
  2. Powered by AI technology and auto complete the effect.
  3. Offer almost all the screen dimension for all social media platforms.
  4. Enough video guides and tutorials online for learning.
  5. Intuitive interface for beginners and novices.


Therefore, this is the method of applying Auto Reframe in Premiere Pro, FCP, and Filmora. In this fast world, the launch of automatic Reframe is very convenient. You must create videos for different width ratios based on different platforms. Otherwise, you must set keyframes and all other manual editing processes to apply cutting to video editing. Now, the automatic reconstruction features specially launched by Adobe Premiere Pro, FCP and Filmora are your advantages. After understanding the Premiere Pro Auto Reframe and FCP Auto Reframe function, we have conducted more research on the same ease of use. Therefore, we appeared in the best alternative of Auto Reframe in Filmora. Choose a video editing software that is suitable for you to realize your dreamy video work. Filmora is definitely worth trying.


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