How to Mask and Blend Video Using Filmora?

Outline: Can you do masking in Filmora? How to composite with blending modes? How can Filmora mask and blend effect help in video creativity? Filmora masking and blending are easy-to-use and filled with resourceful modes. Let’s get started now!

Nowadays, a video without effects isn’t impressive. Lots of transitions on a single frame will drive your audience crazy. If you have more than 1 video footage for overlaying in order to create a fantastic video result, you are involved with the masking and blending effects in video editing software. However, these things are not easy to do and take a lot of time and iteration to get to the final point, but now with Filmora it is possible.

Simply put, masking means covering, while blending refers to compositing. Let’s discuss them separately.

Part 1. What is Masking and Blending Video?

Masking in video editing, is just outlining an area or a portion from a video, which will be hided, revealed or modified. Generally it is related to more than one video. Or you can understand it like this: overlay two or more videos in a single frame.

When applying this video effects, something in the video will be cut out or placed on top of the video clip. All in all, after doing this step, the video will be created in a impressive way.

Part 2. Questions Online About Masking and Blending

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Part 3. Masking and Blending Effects Display

Add a mask effect to a video layer and utilize the mask to hide parts of the layer and reveal the layer below. The aim of masking a video layer is to combine multiple photos into a single image or for removing a person or an object from a photo.

Part 4. Amazing Video Masking and Blending Software – Wondershare Filmora

Use Wondershare Filmora masking and blending mode to create a creative video clip. Just cover and mix video clips, you can get different video effects. So, how can Filmora mask and blend effect help in video creativity? Filmora masking and blending are easy-to-use and filled with resourceful modes. Can’t wait to explore the highlights of the Filmora blend and mask effect? Let’s go!

Mask Layer to Create Magic
Filmora image masking feature allows you to select a specific piece of video or use video overlays to hide, duplicate, reveal or modify your footage. You can choose whatever rectangle, triangle, heart-shaped, drop shape, flower shape, and more to cover the video objects. Or you can import the shape as you like. Besides, adjusting the mask place, width, height, and feather effect is piece of cake.

Mixed Video Clips for Creativity
Filmora mixed blend function helps to combine your clips together using its present settings like transparency color values and brightness. There are some purposes of using layer blending mode: fill text, change background, fix overexposure, sync two images, etc. In the process of editing, you can easily adjust the opacity of the blending styles.

Up to 18 Blending Modes to Choose
There are 18 blending modes in Filmora blender, you can select “Darken” to replace the scene, you can apply “Multiply” to fix the overexposure problem, you can use “Linear Dodge” to remove black pixels. Download Filmora to find out more blending styles.


View Mac version for Mac users.

Part 5. How to Mask and Blend Video in Filmora?

Steps on How to Apply Mask to video in Filmora for Windows?

Masking creates a transparent shape layer over the main video clip. Once the masking effects is done, any portion of the clip that is covered with the mask is visible, while other parts are invisible.

Go to the Masks tab
Double click on the video footage in the timeline. And enter the Video panel. Switch from Basic to Mask tab. Here you can see mask shape samples.

Use a Mask
Apply an existing video mask by clicking Import. Select one sample shape from the Masks, and you can see the area covered with the mask shape only. Other area gets hidden in the Preview window.

Adjust the Mask
Use the mask handles in the Preview window to resize, reposition or change the orientation of the mask. Meanwhile adjust the sliders to modify the mask. It is convenient to rotate, adjust scale, position, blur strength, width, heights and radius. You can even invert the mask. For example, the original visible portion turns into hidden parts, and the invisible parts get revealed.

Apply Keyframe to Mask
Move the play head to the place where you hope to add a keyframe. Click Add button to add the first keyframe. Move the mask to a different position, rotate or resize it, or adjust the blur strength to add the second keyframe to obtain animation effects.

You can click the SAVE AS CUSTOM button to save the customized mask for future uses, and click RESET to revert the changes to their default.

Preview the Video and Save
Click the Play in the Preview window or press the Spacebar to see how the masked video appears. Click OK in the Masks tab to save the changes.

Steps on How to Apply Mask to video in Filmora for Mac?

Free download the Filmora for Mac version:


To use the Masking feature you need to navigate to the Effects tab and click on Utility. You will get a few templates that you can select from to apply on your video.

Drag any of the mask to the video clip on the timeline. Then double click the mask effect on the timeline, you will be able to change the shape of the mask where you can select anything from circular to rectangular for your mask in the video effects tab.

After adding the masking effects, it time to combine the two layers into one clip. Namely merge or blend these layers into a complete one.

Steps on How to Blend Layers into One Clip Using Filmora?

1. Select the effect that you want to overlay.

2. Drag and drop two videos on the timeline and double-click the overlay clip to get video options.

3. In Compositing section and go to Blending Mode to select the effect type. To overlay an effect over a video, it’s advised to select the Screen option from the dropdown menu.

Get creative with blending modes
In Color menu, you can slide the bar to any place that brings the satisfying color to your video.

Now try overlay option to get more creativity for your video clip.

This way you will be able to get into the options and edit your video like a pro without any pain.

Part 6. What You Can do with Mask and Blend?

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Master the basic knowledge and make excellent videos. The merger of different layers makes the video editing unique and eye -catching. Now, you can add mask amd blend to video in Filmora.

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